Greenville Industrial Rubber & Gasket distributes mechanical braided packing, valve packing, pump packing, rod packing, and expansion packing as well as mechanical compression packing made out of the following yarns:

Flax and Ramie:
Style 345, PTFE Coated
Style 921 Tallow Lubricated
Style 921G Tallow Lubricated w/Graphite Coating
PTFE® Filament:
Style 344
Style 344BIL W/Break in lube
Style 344T Braided Gasket Tape
Food Grade PTFE®:
Style 344FDA
Carbon Styles:
Style 4000 w/PTFE
Style 4000G Graphite Coated
Graphite Filament Nuclear Grade:
Style 8000 Nuclear Grade
Style 8000G w/Graphite Coating
Style 8000LC Industrial Grade
Mineral Fibers:
Style 340 PTFE Impregnated
Style 340BIL PTFE Impregnated w/Lube
Style 802 Graphite Coated
Fiberglass Wire Inserted:
Style 3030INA
Copper Wire:
Style 895
Flexible Graphite:
Style 5000
Style 5000C w/Carbon Corners
Style 5000CC w/Carbon Corners & Carbon Core
Style 5000T PTFE Impregnated
Style 3000G w/Graphite & Oil
Style 3000T w/PTFE Impregnation & Lube
Style 3000T-K w/PTFE Impregnation, Lube & Kevlar Corners
Style 8000T
Style 8000T-K
PTFE® Graphite Blend:
Style 8100, Lenzing Yarn
Style 8100BIL, Lenzing Yarn w/Lube
Style 8200BIL
Style 300
Mineral Fiber Wire Inserted:
Style 3030I
Style 320
Aluminum & Lead Foil:
Style 8010 Lead w/Graphite, Oil & Core
Style 8011 Aluminum w/Graphite, Oil & Core
Style 8012 Lead w/Graphite & Oil
Style 8013 Aluminum w/Graphite & Oil
Flexible Graphite Wire Inserted:
Style 5000I
Style 5000I-F

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